The Davis™ Reading Programme

For Young Learners

This learning enhancement programme works with children before the age of 9. It was developed to assist the parents and child in a unique learning partnership. By working together with a facilitator, early intervention and quality support result in great progress. It provides the foundation skills of alphabet mastery, 3 step reading activities and provides a scaffold for self regulating focus, attention and energy levels.


The programme is delivered over several weeks and daily work is for a few hours each day. A Davis Correction Programme may be needed later if Dyslexia becomes a barrier to learning. At least half or more of the program time will also include the parent or support person participating in helping the child with the new skills and techniques.



The programme aims to:

  • Provide life skills to establish correct attention, focus and energy level control.

  • Through the use of clay, provide the child with a secure and correct alphabet.

  • Introduce punctuation at an appropriate time when the child comes across it in reading.

  • Provide a way to “know” spelling when sounds cause confusion.

  • Ensure left-to-right eye tracking is established.

  • Provide the young reader with success when developing reading strategies.

  • Ensure comprehension is always present when reading, by picturing the story.

  • Offer parents skills to continue quality support at home when using the follow-up techniques

    with the Davis Young Learner kit.

To find out more about The Davis Reading For Young Learners Programme visit: young-learners/

What The Davis™ Reading Programme For Young Learners involves:

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