The Davis™

Math Mastery Programme

A one-on-one program that corrects learning problems associated with mathematics. These learning problems are sometimes called dyscalculia and can often accompany dyslexia and ADHD symptoms. The program uses unique methods to address the underlying concepts for maths. 

The Davis™ Math Mastery Programme involves:

  • Foundation concepts for understanding and learning maths

  • Numbers, numerals, quantities and counting

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Telling and keeping track of time

  • Reading and using calendars

  • Balancing basic income with outgoings

  • Sequencing and logic

  • Training in how to use creativity as a learning tool

  • Training for a family member or support person

  • Materials required for post programme work

  • Three 1-2 hour follow-up review sessions

  • Unlimited email and phone consultation with facilitator (within working hours)


The Davis Math Mastery Programme helps individuals who may demonstrate these learning problems:

  • Extreme maths difficulty

  • Lack of understanding of sequences

  • Difficulty with place value

  • Difficulty learning Maths facts

  • Forgets previous maths topic when move to a new topic

  • May reverse or confuse numbers

  • Misread maths operation, such as plus instead of multiplication

  • Do maths by memory rather than understanding

  • Maths anxiety

  • Difficulty working out maths questions related to time

  • Difficulty with word problem comprehension

For more information about the Davis Maths Mastery Programme visit: mastery/