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The Davis Learning Strategies® 

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As a teacher are you looking for ways to support your young pupils within your class who may have possible learning difficulties (e.g. anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia) then this programme will provide you with the tools and the skills to enhance your teaching practise. 

The Davis Learning Strategies are proven to:

  • Improve the reading skills and performance level of all your class regardless of their learning style?

  • Manage your classroom more effectively?

  • Prevent the onset of learning disabilities?

  • Work with research-based methods that easily fit into and enhance any existing




The Davis Learning Strategies® were developed by Ron Davis (author of the Gift of Dyslexia and Gift of Learning) and Sharon Pfeiffer (Educationalist). These proven methods give year 1-4 classroom teachers and teacher aides unique strategies to provide more effective reading instruction and give their students life-long skills in how to learn. Following a 6 year research project in American schools the DLS methods eliminated the need for special education placement for at-risk students. Strong readers gained stronger language and grammar skills, and weaker students learned to read effortlessly. Gifted education placement from pilot classrooms exceeded national averages.

  • Student Achievement – Schools that have implemented DLS throughout classrooms have seen accelerated learning in reading, not only for “target” students, but benefits for ALL students. (link/read the Davis Learning Strategies in New Zealand Schools – Action Research Inquiry 2018)

  • When used class-wide in conjunction with the NZ Curriculum, DLS provide a positive impact beyond reading as it empowers individual to become self-managing learners.

    Davis Learning Strategies in New Zealand Primary Schools

    New Zealand teachers and school leaders are discovering the benefits of incorporating Davis Learning Strategies into their classrooms.

  • New Zealand Curriculum – DLS theory and principles link with the NZ Curriculum vision of “Young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners” (New Zealand Curriculum, 2007: p.7-8)

  • Key Competencies – DLS are strongly reflected in the New Zealand Curriculum’s Key Competencies of: Thinking, Managing Self and Using Language Symbols and Texts (New Zealand Curriculum, 2007: p.12)

  • Mindfulness/Neuroscience Research – DLS provides a way for students to eliminate the stress and anxiety associated with learning.

  • The 7 Principles Of Learning – DLS reflect these principles by putting learners at the center, meeting their emotional needs and learning differences. DLS build horizontal connections across learning areas and the wider world (Nature of Learning- Using Research to Inspire Practice, EOCD, 2010).

  • Ready To Learn – DLS have provided teachers with easy to use focusing methods that enable all children to access teaching while becoming self-regulated learners – regardless of gender, ethnicity or socio-economic background.

  • Classroom And Playground Management – Davis Learning Strategies® have had a positive impact on student behaviour both within the classroom and playground environments.

How the Davis Learning Strategies are delivered:

A 2-day interactive workshop for yr 1-4 teachers, SENCO and teacher aides provides unique and innovative strategies for improving reading instruction and classroom management. The workshop fee includes all course materials. Follow-up mentoring sessions are available via DLS school mentors.

For more information regarding Davis Learning Strategy Teacher/Teacher aide workshops and in school mentoring contact jane@dyslexialearn.co.nz

“This FUN approach enhances a child's learning experience and paves the way for future academic success in later years.”

~ Sharon Pfeiffer



Seven Sharp visited Waihao Downs to see DLS in action

For more information about Davis Learning Strategies visit: https://www.davislearn.com

Testimonial 6 months after DLS workshop

“We used the DLS for a good part of 6 months in 2017. We have not had a vast growth in the raising of student achievement in literacy ever in the 6 years I have been the principal at this kura like we did in the period. Tamariki were engaged, motivated and gained great self satisfaction in their learning because of their confidence from learning how the DLS can impact positively on their learning.”

- Principal