The Davis Attention™

Mastery Programme

What The Davis Attention™ Mastery Programme involves:

The Davis Attention Mastery Programme is a medication free solution to ADHD. It enables individuals to better understand their own behaviour and its impact on others.

Often other learning difficulties such as dyslexia, maths or co-ordination are present also. The Davis approach allows all these areas to be addressed.

Common Characteristics

  • Difficulty making friends.

  • Unacceptable behaviour in certain situations.

  • Lack of awareness of social relationships (leads to impact on job opportunities and family life).

  • Inability to focus

  • Hyperactivity (excessive activity and physical restlessness)

  • Distractibility (difficulty staying on task)

  • Impulsivity (impaired impulse control and delay of gratification).

  • Over stimulated senses and can often see imagination as real, highly imaginative.

  • Experiences the passage of time incorrectly.

  • Often has little idea of sequence, order, cause, effect or consequence.

  • Little or no concept of self as separate from and/or in relation to others.

This medication free approach goes to the root cause of why some people have trouble controlling their attention, energy levels and social interaction. The Davis approach uses simple mental techniques to build self-regulation skills, coupled with Davis Concept Mastery to create greater understanding and awareness of life functioning. 

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